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Whether you need a content writer, executive assistant, personal assistant, graphic designer, project manager, social media manager or so much more, we’ve got just the right person in mind for you!

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We work individually with each client to find a perfect match for them. We don’t have pricing packages, our rates are per hour and work within the client’s budget. Our contractor’s rates are dependent on their skill and experience level.

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All our contractors are professionals and committed to helping their clients business thrive. From the initial discovery call through to the first working day, our process is professional and simple. Whatever task a client needs help with, we have them covered.

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“Ever wonder what your day would be like if you didn’t waste time on a commute? Or what it would be like if you didn’t spend 8+ hours a day in a distracting office environment and only get five solid hours of actual work done?

You’re not alone.”

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Our Process. Our Promise.

Our work is your work. We are here to make you look good and nobody needs ever know we were involved. Tell us what you need, whether it be a virtual assistant, a book-keeper, a remote social media manager, and we will get it done; quickly, professionally and quietly in the background. 


Whether you are a small business owner or find yourself needing a remote personal assistant, we have a straightforward approach to helping you through our network of experienced remote workers and virtual assistants. We will work with you to find the perfect assistant for you and your task. 


Educated in England, with a literary background, the founders of Anonymous Assistants support the Plain English Campaign. We don’t produce “subject matter that resonates with your target market,” but instead produce “content your customers like.” Just plain speaking and a strong desire to help you achieve your goals through remote support. 


Your time is precious and our aim will be to free up time for you to concentrate on growing your business and finding time for your friends and family.


What People are Saying

“Since our Anonymous Assistant has come onboard the NEDAS team as Program Manager, I have found I am able to step back and concentrate on other aspects of my business. The team loves working with her because of her enthusiasm and commitment to building NEDAS and its brand and dedication to meeting timelines on project deliverables. She is great at seeing the bigger picture and ensuring everyone stays on track.”

-President, NEDAS/iMiller PR


“Working with Anonymous Assistants has made my professional life so much simpler. They are happy to take on the variety of tasks I give them; from data entry, list management, and business intelligence reporting to calendar management, marketing support and travel planning, I know they understand our business what we need, and they usually deliver earlier than asked for. I love that the enthusiasm, work ethic and desire to help make LINX America the best it can be is the same as I would normally see from a full-time W-2 employee.”

CEO, LINX America, Inc


“I know that when I can’t be at my business, my Anonymous Assistant will be there providing the same level of care and commitment as me. Their standards are high and I love that they go beyond the tasks given them to ensure my business is operating smoothly.”

-Owner, Fitzgerald Stables

“Caroline served as the developmental editor on my first novel. She was detail-oriented and yet also able to guide me to see the bigger picture and better incorporate over-arching themes. Caroline has a remarkable knack for pointing a writer in the right direction without over-editing. She critiques and corrects in a positive way. My story is much richer because of her suggestions. Can’t wait to write my next book and have her work her magic. “

– Local Author