We Were Never Here

You know what you need to do. You just don’t quite have the resources or time to achieve it.

We reach a network of professionals that between them can provide you with temporary or longer-term support without the hassle of having to deal with employment regulations or contracts.

Even better, because we provide anonymous remote support your business can be located anywhere in the world (theoretically at least!) and we can help you.

The best bit? Nobody need ever know we are helping you out in the background.

Our Motivation and Ethos

For Clients

Having hired our fair share of consultants, freelancers and temporary staff we understand the pain-points and believe there is a better way for all.

Our clients don’t need to waste time looking through resumes, handling contracts or dealing with potential HR issues. We do all that so the only relationship you need is a professional one between our businesses and don’t need to worry about any problems that can arise from dealing with individuals.

Through the Anonymous Assistants client satisfaction process our partners are in a constant review system that requires them to maintain minimum rating levels in order to be considered an appropriate partner for our clients. We are here to serve you.

For Partners

Anyone in the Anonymous Assistants program that does work for our clients is considered a partner. After all, the better they make our clients look, the better they make us look, and that means more work for all of us.

Often the hardest part of being an independent contractor is knowing where the next job is coming from.

Meet the Team

Our partners have experience across a broad range of disciplines and industries. Those most in demand have easily transferable skills that can be utilized by our clients. Meet a small selection of our Partners below.


Caroline Hedges


Words and books are my first love. I am rarely seen without a book in hand. Helping others is my second. I was a High School librarian for many years and an independent bookstore owner for many more. I have worked in the corporate world of commercial insurance, been a development editor for published authors and written and edited content for several publications and websites.

I started Anonymous Assistants originally to provide support to any company or individual who needs it. I soon discovered there are many people like me, who have lots to offer, but are looking for a flexible working arrangement. I have met some incredibly talented people and believe Anonymous Assistants can be the bridge between them and businesses who need short-term help.

I also love animals and spend my spare time around horses and dogs. One day I will write my novel and have my own miniature menagerie!


Project Manager


ILM trained project manager with experience in the construction, tourism and hospitality industries but with completely transferable project management skills.

‘With a pre-school age child working as a partner of Anonymous Assistants gives me the flexibility I need for my family while letting me continue to do the work I love for clients’


Event Planner


With experience working both within a dedicate event marketing agency and on client side as an events manager this partner has bought the t-shirt when it comes to planning and delivering successful events.

‘Planning a great event, be that a business briefing, launch-event or Bar Mitzvah requires attention to the brief and making sure the hosts don’t even know you are there’

‘That’s why I love being an Anonymous Assistants partner. The best events are when nobody, including the client, even realizes you were there orchestrating in the background!’


College Graduate


Proficient with all office applications and with previous experience using several web-based applications.

Perfect for data-entry or social-media support.

‘I don’t see this as being my career path, but I am a hard worker with good attention to detail and happy to be getting real-world work experience to boost my resume’


Executive Assistant


Previously a PA for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, this Partner is super-organized and experienced in keeping several balls in the air at the same time.

Presently a stay-at-home parent whose children spend the day at school they are available for any number of types of remote support work from simple-data entry to conference itinerary planning.

‘I enjoy working, but I enjoy being here for my children too. Doing work for Anonymous Assistants’ clients means I can do both’


VP of Marketing


Experienced VP of Marketing with over 25 years experience working with the Federal government and Department of Defence.

Now semi-retired, this partner is available for support or lead roles on short-term projects and assignments.

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