Countdown to our first event!

I started Anonymous Assistants with two clients who were as different as chalk and cheese. One a non-profit membership organization in the Internet industry, and the other was a local riding school and stables. Fast forward a few months and clients continued to come in – more varied than the last – but all wanting the same thing. More time to spend with family, more time to grow their business, more time to breathe.

Why do we need to be pigeonholed into one career at a time? Over the last year I have been a dog sitter, a developmental editor, a project manager, a virtual assistant and a life coach. And, I think I rocked all of them! Just because you have a background in accounting doesn’t stop you from writing content in an area you are passionate about. You can love dogs and manage charity projects and get paid doing both. People with small businesses can also struggle to find time personally, so my flexibility and ability to do a variety of tasks meant that they only had to deal with one person. I wanted to develop that into something other people could be a part of.

Your work. Your way. My motto is the backbone of what I want to achieve with Anonymous Assistants. Now I need help to grow my own business and spread the word. I decided to rebrand with a new logo, a new website and a new purpose; bring in contract ‘partners’ to help more clients have room to grow and breathe. How was I going to get my message out? A recruitment event, inviting local freelancers, stay-at-home parents and anyone who may be interested in part-time work or one more client that they haven’t had to search out.

It has been a huge learning curve – facebook ads, backend website add-ons, technical speak that leaves me wondering if I have moved to a foreign country and juggling so many balls that I could certainly run away and join the circus right now! I have had some fantastic support and a very understanding website designer and now we are one sleep away from the event and our website going live. There have been some snags along the way; my business card info is only visible to those who read it with a magnifying glass (proofing artwork at 2am is not something I would recommend!) But, the banners are gorgeous and our venue serves the best food so I am feeling positive.

Hope to see you there!

11:00AM – 12:30PM
Tuesday, March 5

French Hound
Lansdowne, VA

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