Creating happy clients together

Our job is to match your skills with our client’s needs so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, whatever that might be.

Because you work anonymously the old rules don’t apply. No longer do you have to ‘look the part’. Work 9-5. Or do a job you don’t want to (although we do expect you to finish if you start).

Our clients want professional, reliable, high-quality work. As long as you meet your deadlines when and where you do the work is much less important.

Control of your own destiny is not without responsibility. You are responsible for delivering the work agreed, to the standard expected and on time.

Providing you do these three simple things our client review system will see you receive high ratings, repeat business and more work. Only if you want it, of course

Who makes a good partner?

In the USA today there are over 10 million stay-at-home-moms, and nearly 19% of Americans aged over 65 still want to do some form of work.

These groups along with others, such as millennials looking to build a resume, are often over-looked in today’s workforce. Yet the skills, experience and resource they represent can so often be the answer to businesses short-term resource problems.

But regardless what your situation, if you can show you are capable of meeting a client brief, you’re already a long way to being a good partner.

Want to become a partner?

Send us details of any relevant experience, the type of work you are happy to take on and an indication of your availability

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