About Us
Our Vision

What We Stand For. 

Our work is your work. We are here to make you look good and nobody needs to know we were involved. Through our vast network of anonymous virtual assistants, we will be able to match you with a skilled contractor who will get your work done quickly, professionally and quietly in the background.  

We have a straightforward approach to helping you with any task you need.


Our mission

Your Work. Your Way. 

 That’s been our motto since our founding in 2018, and it’s the cornerstone of everything we do. We support freelancers and return to work stay-at-home parents as they navigate the gig economy and employers looking for those very people.

As a strong proponent of flex-work environments, Anonymous Assistants is the go to place for those looking to expand their remote and virtual job opportunities, or for people and businesses looking for highly qualified individuals to fill short-term jobs or long-term remote positions. Our extensive network of employers and Contractors gives us an edge in creating work relationships that are both time- and cost-effective for all parties.

We aim to provide a personal touch to the gig economy. We know our Contractors because we have spent time evaluating their skills, finding their strengths and learning how and when they want to work. Our clients don’t need to waste time searching for the right remote worker because we will do it for them


Who we are

We are professionals, we are spouses, we are parents. We have been quietly making sure things ‘just work’ for those around us, without them even knowing it for years. We want to work but we also want time for ourselves and our families. We are freelancers who want to spend time working with clients, rather than spending countless hours searching for them.

We’re a workforce with a variety of skills and experiences, both professionally and personally ready to help meet the needs of our clients.

You’ll generally find us supporting our clients in a variety of jobs whether it’s remotely or in-person, and because we care about our clients’ businesses, we spend time and effort finding the best Contractors and then matching them to make a perfect harmony of client and contractor.

We are ready to help take your business to the next level.



Our Founder

Caroline Hedges founded Anonymous Assistants in 2018 after deciding there must be a better way for employers and freelancers to connect. A freelancer herself, Caroline found she spent too many precious hours researching and chasing jobs – time that could be spent with family or on the tennis court. She also realized that she was actually very good at matching people to jobs.

With a background in a variety of industries; from bookselling to insurance and pet sitting to developmental editor, Caroline brings a unique and discerning eye to career match-making. She realized that people don’t always want to be pigeon-holed and variety is the spice of life!

A native of England, Caroline now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two children. She is also a tennis addict, a devourer of books and a Netflix binge-watcher.



What Clients are Saying

“I go away for work often and there is no-one else I would ask to look after my dog, a very neurotic Coonhound. He is treated like a valued family member and loved so much he is always very sad to leave!”

– Happy Dog Owner

“Working with Anonymous Assistants has made my professional life so much simpler. They are happy to take on the variety of tasks I give them; from data entry, list management, and business intelligence reporting to calendar management, marketing support and travel planning, I know they understand our business what we need, and they usually deliver earlier than asked for. I love that the enthusiasm, work ethic and desire to help make LINX America the best it can be is the same as I would normally see from a full-time W-2 employee.”

– CEO, LINX America, Inc


“I know that when I can’t be at my business, my Anonymous Assistant will be there providing the same level of care and commitment as me. Their standards are high and I love that they go beyond the tasks given them to ensure my business is operating smoothly.”

– Owner, Fitzgerald Stables

“Caroline served as the developmental editor for my first novel. She was detail-oriented and yet also able to guide me to see the bigger picture and better incorporate over-arching themes. Caroline has a remarkable knack for pointing a writer in the right direction without over-editing. She critiques and corrects in a positive way. My story is much richer becauser of her suggestions. Can’t wait to write my next book and have her work her magic.”

-Local Author