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We Connect People

We’re a company passionate about connecting the right client to the right contractor.

Clients: Make Your Selection

  • Know your needs and have a clearly defined objective
  • Search our database of talented contractors
  • Make your selection and we take care of the rest!

Contractors: What Makes Us Different

  • We encourage flexible work environments
  • Perfect for work-from-home parents and freelancers
  • We take the hassle out of searching for the right job

Our VIP services are the finest. We’re your tried-and-true, locally-based concierge service for busy homeowners and business owners. Check out our VIP services below (see what we did there? Winking Face ).

  • Virtual
  • In-Person
  • Personal

VIP Services

Virtual Services

Data Entry, Project Management, Marketing, Admin Support


In-Person Services

Event Staffing, Photographer, Chaperone, Corporate Hosting


Personal Services

Housesitting, Petsitting, Household Planning, Travel Research & Reservations


Your Work, Your Way

Virtual Services

These are just some of the types of work available. If you want something done, we can get it done!

Executive Assistant

Having someone take over your back office demands like invoicing, record keeping and diary management will give you the time and energy to network and grow your business.

Social Media Marketing

We all use social media on a daily basis but few of us would be able to say we could use it as an effective marketing tool that would help us build our brand and bring in new business. And we know how easy it is to lose precious time scrolling through our feeds. Let someone else take control and help grow your companies awareness in the business world.

Project Manager

From small projects to longer term proposals, having someone take over the bigger picture and manage the workflow means you can spend more time being creative and building your business.

Data Entry & Research

So time-consuming but necessary. From inputting data into spreadsheets and creating reports, to finding out about your competition and researching information about potential clients, contract it out to someone else so you can use your time more effectively.

Copyediting / Proofreading

There is nothing worse than spending time on a white paper or website content, publishing it and then being bombarded with comments about spelling and grammar errors. Or maybe you know what you want to say but you can’t quite put it into words. Let an expert help you out.

Blog / Content Writer

Blogging sounds so great and then you sit down to write something and your brain goes blank and then suddenly you have posted nothing for weeks. Let someone else take the stress out of blog posts, you can give them the idea and they can put it together. Or maybe you have a website to fill or a newsletter to get out, let a content writer fill the pages with meaningful copy.

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Your Work, Your Way

In-Person Services

Event Support

If your event is far away, costs can mean you are stuck to the exhibition stand at a conference when you want to be out networking with the crowd. Why not hire local contractors who are presentable, well researched in your business and happy to man the stand while you build your business network.


If your regular receptionist is out sick or away on vacation, we could help field your calls, sort the mail and greet your clients.

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Your Work, Your Way

Personal Services

Pet Boarding or Pet Sitting

The eternal dilemma of home or boarding is a tough one for pet owners. Pet boarding takes your pet away from the security of their home but gives them constant company and love. Pet sitting means your pet will be safe in their own home, surrounded by the smells and sights it knows best.

Personal Assistant

It could be picking up your dry-cleaning or groceries, folding the laundry, shopping for that last minute present or helping to set up the party. A personal assistant for a few hours a week could take a little stress out of your life.

Decluttering Your Home

We all have clothes we never wear, drawers with a ridiculous amount of pens and rubber bands and we really do mean to sort them but when? Hire someone in to take care of everything for you. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a serene space that you can truly relax in.

Party Planner

Childrens parties, graduation parties, the big birthday parties. We all want to throw them and we know what we want, we just don’t have the time to shop for the decorations and put them all up or research the best magician or band to have. That’s when we can jump in and take those items off your to-do list and help make your party an event to be proud of.

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