If you own your own business, you understand the struggle of the ever growing to-do list. Trying to save on overhead costs, while also trying to maximize productivity. Certain parts of your business benefit from your direct oversight, but are there other areas that are best left to those with specific experience? Social media is something most of us are familiar with and may even use daily, but social media as a marketing tool is a completely different skill set. Hiring an experienced virtual social media manager to assist you with your social media marketing is an excellent way to help grow your business. What exactly does a social media manager do? And why should you hire one?  


How can Social Media help grow your business?


Social media has become one of the main ways to reach mass numbers of people all over the world. As of 2019, it is estimated that 2.2 BILLION people worldwide use some form of social media. This means that there is potential to expose your brand to an enormous  audience. Better yet, with many of the advertising tools available on social media sites, you can narrow down your audience to those who will most likely show interest in your product or service.. 


78% of all small businesses use some form of social media to market their company and 33% of consumers have identified social media as the key way they identify new brands and services. Furthermore, 68% of consumers say they are more likely to use brands or services with an informative social media presence. 


What is a Social Media Manager? 


A Social Media Manager is someone who handles the process of managing all of your business’ channels across all forms of social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Managing a business’ social media is not just updating posts. It involves engaging with your audience and looking for opportunities to increase your company’s reach and visibility online. Oftentimes, they play a large role in developing the social media campaign for your company.


Why hire a Social Media Manager?



  • The social media landscape is always changing: With platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter constantly updating their algorithms, it is important to have someone who is up to date with those changes and can make changes your strategy in  order to fit these changes. 
  • You need a social media strategy: Having a plan will ensure that any effort you make will get the greatest return. A social media manager can work with you to set goals and create a plan to fit your business. 
  • An Outsider’s Perspective: By hiring a contracted social media manager, not only will you save yourself money, but it will likely be someone who has a fresh perspective and new good ideas.



Although many people are familiar with various social media platforms, hiring an experienced virtual social media manager will ensure you have someone with the skills and experience for the best results. A virtual social media manager will allow you to maximize your marketing efforts, while also freeing up time for you to focus on other business aspects. If you are interested in finding out more email info@anonymous-assistants.com.